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Say goodbye to swiping: New dating app connects users with nonprofits

Instead of dinner and drinks, how about giving back to your community?

AUSTIN, Texas — Swoovy is a new Austin-based mobile app that connects people to volunteer at a nonprofit for a date. 

"We really believe there is so much importance in technology, and people use it today as a means to meet people in our busy world," said CEO and co-founder Brooke Waupsh, explaining she thinks human connection has been stripped away.

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"So we really wanted to bring together the technology along with a way to connect and really get to know somebody."

Waupsh said the app still allows for users to set their preferences and get potential matches; however, it also has a calendar of events that people can look through. The calendar shows different volunteer opportunities and users can see who else is interested in the event.

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"There’s nothing wrong with some of the methods that have been out there for a while, but why not try something different if that hasn’t been working or you’re getting tired of the same old drink, appetizer thing?" said Amanda McPherson, a Swoovy user. "Just think about it: you go do something good together, and it kind of takes the pressure off too. And you leave feeling good about what you did whether it’s a match made in heaven or not."

The app connects users to various nonprofits in Austin, including Hounds Rescue.

"I think it goes hand in hand and for a group like ours," said Holly Kennedy, with Hound Rescue. "We have a lot of people of all ages that are single that are volunteering for us, so it just seemed to work."

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McPherson said the app gives users an opportunity to meet people who have similar values.


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