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Safe in Austin rescue ranch in desperate need of expansion

The nonprofit, Safe in Austin, takes care of animals with special needs and invites kids with special needs to come play with them.

LEANDER, Texas — Leander's Safe in Austin rescue ranch needs to expand its special needs building as soon as possible. Safe in Austin owner Jamie Griner said they can't do it without more donations.

"Our special needs building houses several of our most critically special needs animals, and we are running out of room," said Griner. "It is imperative that we always have enough room for any kid, no matter if they're differently abled or not, to be able to go into that room and spend time and space with those animals. Right now, to even get one wheelchair in there is very difficult."

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They also want to expand the area to fit Halo, the one-legged dog that needs special space. Griner said Halo needs a mattress because what's left of her arms and legs are sensitive. Griner suspects the cost of building a bigger shed is more than $6,000. 

"We don't have the money to do it. We're a very new nonprofit. Our bank amount is limited to donations. As I said before, anyone is welcome here, no matter what. So we do not charge a fee ever to anybody that needs healing," said Griner. 

Griner found inspiration to start the group through her son's autism service dog. She said "magical" is the only way to describe what she's been doing at the rescue ranch for the past year.


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"I have three kids, one of whom has autism. His name is Jackson and he is 13 years old, but when he was six years old, we brought home an autism service dog," Griner explained in another story with KVUE. "Her name was Angel and she was everything her name implies. She changed his whole life and our whole entire world. She touched places of his heart even I couldn't get to as his mother, and she was a miracle for our family. We're just grateful for the confidence and the way she changed his whole life and so we started rescuing. We were just so inspired by what happens when you put animals and children together, especially special needs animals and children."

The property out in Leander is home to more than 100 animals from pups and kittens, to hogs, chickens, cattle, goats and more. 


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"I think that's when hearts are healed because of the unconditional love the animals provide," said Griner.

To donate to Safe in Austin, visit the organization's website. If you want to keep up with Safe in Austin and find out when its next public day will be, follow its updates on Facebook or email safeinaustin@gmail.com. 

"We are beyond grateful for anyone that wants to be apart of that and I can promise you the joy that it will bring to your heart is just beyond words," said Griner. 


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