AUSTIN, Texas — Gabby, a 3-year-old puppy, has spent most of her life at the Austin Animal Center. What if we told you she now can get proper “schooling” in California – with your help.

Gabby arrived at the shelter in July of 2016 at 10 months old. This adorable pup was adopted fairly quickly and the shelter believed that she had been connected with her forever family – but they were wrong.

After a year of being with the new family, her humans had moved to an apartment where the environment was too overstimulating for this pup, and she was surrendered back to the shelter. The shelter had gathered in support around Gabby in search for a foster family to get her the proper board and training she needs, and they did find the family – that family also surrendered Gabby because they could not keep up with her training.

When we told Gabby we only had $300 left to reach our goal, she gave us this impossibly adorable smile. We are so amazed to be soooooo close to our goal! And we are so thankful for everyone's...

Since her second return, Gabby has been with trainer Amy Fitzsimmons and is making great progress with her leash reactivity but making progress in the confines of the shelter can only go so far.


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A woman named Emily Wells is now raising money to send little Gabby to trainer Steffen Baldwin at Save Them Dogs in Acton in California. She is hoping to raise $4,000 for the cost of the training and to cover the cost for the volunteers.

These costs are roughly itemized as:

  • Eight weeks of intensive training ($2,800)
  • Rental car to drive Gabby to California + gas ($600)
  • Two nights in a hotel for two volunteers ($200)
  • Air fare home from California for two volunteers ($400)

They hope to exceed their goal to cover the cost of Facebook fundraising, which is about 3%

Click here to help Gabby beat that $4,000 goal.


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