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Local vet recommends acupuncture for pets if they get stressed from fireworks

A Dripping Springs vet said animal acupuncture is effective and immediate for pets who get stressed out from the sound of fireworks.

AUSTIN, Texas — Dr. Amanda Moore opened the Lone Star Animal Hospital in Dripping Springs in March but she's been treating animals for stress and anxiety with veterinary acupuncture since 2011.

"I've seen plenty of dogs hurt themselves, they get so stressed," said Dr. Moore.

She recalled one of her more serious Fourth of July cases.

"I once treated a dog, when I was working emergency, that jumped out of a second story window, through a closed window, broke both front legs, it was so stressed," said Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore uses animal acupuncture to not only treat stress and anxiety but pain and other ailments. But she has seen success when she has used acupuncture for stress and anxiety.


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"For stress and anxiety, I have dogs that I see a clear improvement, and it's usually while they're here," she said.

In other words, it's not long term.

For a demonstration, she used one of her employees' dogs named Scout.

Dr. Moore said there are four areas where she sticks the needles.

"The top of the head. Right between the shoulder blades. Lower back, right above the tail. And just below the knee," said Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore said she also teaches her patients' owners how to apply acupressure on their pets.


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"So the same points I put needles in, you can actually put your fingers in over that point," she added.

Dr. Moore said holding that for 30 to 60 seconds tends to reduce anxiety, helping our furry friends get through a booming night.

Dr. Moore also suggested a pheromone spray or a thunder jacket to help pets with anxiety and stress. Both can be purchased online.


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