AUSTIN, Texas — The Fourth of July can be an exciting holiday filled with fun, food and music. But Independence Day can also be a stressful time for pets, especially from the loud noise and bright lights of fireworks. This may cause pets to escape their yard and run away from home. 

Austin Animal Center gave a few helpful tips if your pet gets lost this Independence Day.

How to find a lost pet: 

  1. The shelter asks people who find a pet to keep them safely contained
  2. Call Austin 311 to report the lost animal and to house the animal for a few days before bringing to the shelter
  3. Post photos of the missing pet on Nextdoor and social media to try and reunite them with their family

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Don't forget, we're closed tomorrow! If you find a lost pet, call 311 to create a Found Report and post them on social media to try and find their family! We'll resume normal business hours on Friday.

What pet owners should do to keep their fur babies safe: 

  1. It's important that your pet is microchipped and tagged. This allows the quickest way to be reunited with your pet instead of staying at a shelter. 
  2. Keep your pets safely indoors. You can minimize stress on your pet by keeping curtains and blinds closed. Turn on the TV or soft music to distract them. 
  3. Be sure to give them plenty of exercise before dark
  4. In the case you can't bring your pet inside, check your fencing and enclosures to ensure they cannot escape

If your pet goes missing, check the Austin Animal Center's website for up-to-date listings of all strays and animals who have entered the shelter. AAC recommends you visit the shelter as soon as possible if you think your pet is there. 

Animals are only held for three days before becoming eligible for adoption.

Austin Animal Center will be closed on the Fourth of July but will reopen on Friday. 

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