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How to fight back against Austin's 'super fleas'

While many places in the United States experience so-called 'flea seasons,' Austin doesn't have that luxury. 

<p>Closeup of mite and fleas infected on dog fur, sucking its blood</p>

While many places in the United States experience so-called "flea seasons," Austin doesn't have that luxury.

Without multiple days of below-frozen temperatures or extended dry conditions, fleas can realistically survive in Central Texas year round.

"If you get a really bad infestation, you're dealing with fleas throughout the whole year," Veterinary Technician Angel Huron said.

Huron works at Austin Vet Center and said they've seen an influx of cats and dogs with fleas.

What makes the problem even worse? These fleas don't seem to be affected by standard over the counter medications

"The popular brands sold their patents," Huron said. "They're not exclusive to vet clinics so now they're widely available. There's a lot of people making their own version and they're just not as effective."

According to Huron, it's a multi-faceted problem. Many fleas have built up some tolerance to the often used drugs and other pets don't get properly dosed on their skin, rather on their fur.

The good news: Huron said there are medications that work. She recommended oral tablets for dogs and added to talk with your local vet for specific recommendations or prescriptions.

Huron said it's also important to treat the environment the pet lives in.

"What you're seeing on the pet is about five to 10 percent of what's actually in existence in the environment," She said. "You want to vacuum thoroughly...wash all of the pet's bedding in really hot water and if you have a canister vacuum you want to empty that canister right after."

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