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KVUE Profiles: JP's Pancake Company

Meet the Austin man who flipped his craving for pancakes into a one-of-a-kind business!

AUSTIN, Texas — As KVUE celebrates Black History Month, we’re introducing you to local entrepreneurs helping Central Texas shine. People like JP, a self-proclaimed "pancake-ologist" who’s serving up sweetness and hope in a bowl.

“We are a gourmet dessert shop that happens to use pancakes as the base of our dessert,” said JP, CEO and founder of JP's Pancake Company on Rio Grande Street.

While working at a Taco Cabana, JP had a rare craving for a pancake, so he decided to make one for the first time. Whatever was in his mix was an automatic hit! Now he runs Austin’s only pancake food truck. 

But starting out wasn’t as easy as mixing up a batch.

“Being Black in the business world, I think the biggest obstacles were just in my mind. I knew I was probably going to get love from the Black community, but could I get love from other communities?” JP said.


He wanted to push beyond the title of "Black-owned business." His mission was to serve all of Austin a bowl of happiness – and he did exactly that. 

“I’m just trying to be really good at what I do, really good at customer service, and really good at creating an experience that anyone, wherever they’re from, could enjoy,” JP said.

He wakes up every day pushing himself to serve up a stack sweeter than the day before, and he encourages young African Americans with a dream to do the same.

“You’re needed in the business industry. In whatever you’re trying to pursue, do it to be the best. Don’t just be good enough for the Black community. Do it to be the best,” JP said.

To learn more about JP’s inspiring journey, you can follow JP’s Pancake Company on Instagram

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