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Nurses who were pregnant at the same time hold their babies in adorable photo

An adorable update on the eight pregnant nurses Dana Dean visited last summer at Anderson Hospital.

ST. LOUIS - Last summer, something was in the water at Anderson Hospital.

Pregnant nurses took a photo that got plenty of traction on social media.

Now, we have an adorable update to that story.

Last August, we visited Anderson Hospital to interview 8 nurses – all ready to bring their own babies into the world

"We would tell one person and then we would slowly find out someone else was pregnant, and another person."

"Who drank the water next?"

The nurses all work in the same department and specialize in labor and delivery as well as newborn care.

They snapped this photo, featuring 7 of the 8 nurses, posted on social media- and it took off.

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It was the perfect story for me to tell as a reporter because I was 9 months pregnant at the time.

Dana: "When are you due?"

"December 13th, November 26th, November 10th, November 5th, October 25th, September 3rd."

Fast forward 4 months later, all babies have been born, and these nurses are recreating the photo--- this time with their little ones in tow.

“Say cheese, 1, 2, 3. Come on guys, let's all smile.”

The babies are known as the Elite 8.

“We decided with them being 8, did the elite 8. My sister did onesies for it. We have numbers on the back as well, so we know what order they're in.”

“Anna Grace, 5 months old, Reese 4 months old, Logan Paul 3 months old, Holden Dean 2 months old, Daniel John is 8 weeks old, Charlotte Rose is 6 weeks old, and this is Charlotte Rose and she'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow.”

While these Anderson Hospital nurses all bonded over things like pregnancy cravings before, now they bond over something different.

“I think I can speak for all of us when I say we need more sleep. ha ha ha.”

While sleep isn't perfect, these before and after photos certainly are.

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