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Latest anti-aging technology helping Westlake Dermatology treat patients

The Genius RF procedure uses micro-needling, radiofrequency and redefined technology.

AUSTIN, Texas — At Westlake Dermatology, the latest in anti-aging technology is underway.

Each time the red light turns on from the Genius RF machine, 49 microneedles deliver radiofrequency beneath Marla Theofel's skin.

"I really wanted to have my neck and chest catch up to my face," she said. "I felt like it needed a little bit of attention. It was looking a little bit more not as youthful as the face after procedures that she had done."

Dr. Catherine DiGorgio, a dermatologist with Westlake Dermatology, said the Genius RF is better than the other radiofrequency micro-needling systems out there.

"This one is different because the depth is adjustable, so we can treat any area of the body," Dr. DiGorgio said. "We can treat stretch marks, we can treat necks, we can treat chests, decolletage, we can treat arms."


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Dr. DiGorgio also said the Genius RF allows her to adjust the amount of energy.

"And when you're able to remodel collagen at different depths deep to the skin, you really get an overall more tightening, more lifting, better results for our patients," she said.

Results can be seen as soon as three weeks after the first treatment. Two to three treatments are recommended.

Dr. DiGorgio said the recovery time for Genius RF is less than 24 hours, unlike other procedures like laser skin treatments, which can be days or weeks.

That's good news for Marla, who has some catching up to do.

"I'm a mother of five and it's my time," said Theofel.

Each treatment runs at about $1,200.

According to Lutronic, the manufacturer of Genius RF, the FDA approved this platform in February.


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