AUSTIN, Texas — You don't have to be able to touch your toes or be a professional athlete to take advantage of StretchLab.

"We help improve sports performance," said general manager Lara Rinier. "We prevent injuries – helps improve range of motion and flexibility in general. So you don't necessarily have to be an athlete to get the benefits out of what we offer here."

StretchLab features one-on-one stretching with their certified Flexologists. Every session is customized to each person's body, and you can do a 25-minute session or a 50-minute session. 

Rinier adds, "This will help release that tension in your upper body, elongate the spine, so stretching is important just for your livelihood of walking through your day and feeling freedom in your joints."

There are two locations in Austin: Westlake and South Lamar. ]


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