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How to spend Valentine's Day on a budget

RIP, dinner and a movie.

While a rom com and heart-shaped pizza sound delightful, there are other fun and cheap ways to spend your Valentine's Day.

Let me guess, you finally found that perfect someone to spend this holiday with, but don't have the budget to spoil them with an extravagant date.  

It costs almost $20 for heart-shaped chocolates, at least $50 for roses and roughly $100 for a nice dinner. We get it, things can add up. But no need to fret, I've created a list of Valentine's Day date ideas that won't break the bank.

Credit: Jan Tyler
A piggy bank pig with a rose in his mouth surrounded by hearts.


Cheap Valentine's Day date ideas:

Visit a candy store

Live out your 2-year-old self's dream of going crazy in a candy shop and pick out every piece of candy you know your mother would have told you no to as a kid. You may be on a sugar high after, but there's nothing wrong with that.

DIY spa night

Let's be real. While spa trips are so rewarding, they are also very expensive. Hit up your local Target for body scrubs, face masks and bath bombs or make them yourself.

Plan a themed movie night 

A regular movie and wine date is so last year. Make it interesting by picking snacks and outfits that fit the theme of a movie you want to watch.

Share a milkshake

Okay River Vixens, now's your time to have an iconic milkshake moment with your special someone. So, what do ya say? "Be the Jay to my Bey?"

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Start a garden

This one is for all the HGTV fans. Bring out your inner Joanna Gaines and get your hands dirty in a garden you know you've been wanting to start. Make it extra romantic by planting two peas in a pod.

Hit up a thrift store 

"Can we go thrift shopping?" Yes, yes you can. And this time, make it interesting. Set a price limit and pick out an unexpected treasure you think your partner will like and surprise each other with it. 

Score big at an arcade

So now that you're a bit more skilled at arcade games than when you were as a kid, check out an arcade near you and team up to get that big ticket prize. 

Go to coffee shop

Take your brew-ti-ful partner to a cute coffee shop. Coffee and good pastries make for a sweet and cheap date. I'm sure it will mocha your date very happy.

Go on a picnic at local park or indoors

It's no picnic trying to find a date idea that's cheap and fun, but filling a straw basket with your favorite foods might be the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. Picnics can be the perfect outdoor date at your favorite park and if the weather isn't perfect, toss a blanket on your living room floor and have the picnic there.


Try your luck at Bingo! Okay I know what you're thinking -- bingo isn't where the younger ones flock to for a good time, but trust me it can be fun, especially if you're the competitive type.

Do a puzzle

Still need another idea? I'm sure I can piece one together for you. Whether is a 50 piece or 1000 piece puzzle, putting one together is a fun way to spend time with your other half.

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