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Helping those who help others | South Austin man's mission to help nonprofits the only way he knows how

He owns Time Machine ATX and it's Jon Romero's goal to help nonprofits with free pressure washing.

AUSTIN, Texas — Trying to help those who help others – that's what one South Austin man is hoping he can do.

Serving those who need help happens every day at the Sunrise Church in South Austin.

"We're donation-based; almost everything we do is donation based," said Sarah Weier. "We truly wouldn't be able to do it without the help from the community."

Weier is one of the staff at the church. She and all the volunteers see just how important this can be for people.

"Good to see you and anything we can do for you just let us know," said Bob Lamb.

But in the business of helping people, sometimes it's the little things that slip through the cracks.

"Things get muddy. Things get dirty. We have hundreds of feet going over these sidewalks," said Weier

"There's a good layer of crud over everything," explained Jon Romero, "just because of how many people how much traffic is coming through here."

Romero and his company, Time Machine ATX, comes in to help once a month with surface cleaning and soft washing. All of his time is donated to serve those who serve others.

"You know, I don't own a food truck; I can't go out and give free meals. I can't go pressure wash under the freeway, but I can help at the places like this," he explained. "It may not matter that much what we did today, but it matters to some people, and the homeless are still human beings."

He's giving his time and talents to take something off the plate of Sunrise Church, so that they can keep things on plates for people.

"People don't realize when they come and power wash," said Weier. "It makes a huge difference."

It's helping to serve those in need, even when those in need are the ones who serve.

"It gives us the strength to keep doing this every day ... It makes a huge difference," said Weier.

If you would like to volunteer at Sunrise Church, you can reach out to the volunteer coordinator by emailing Sarah Combes at SarahCombs@sunriseaustin.org. Also, any nonprofits who could use Time Machine ATX's help can reach Romero by calling 512-363-6420.