ROCKPORT, Texas — Imagine having your immediate family grow by seven members in just one day. In fact, make that a matter of minutes.

That's what happened Friday to one couple in Rockport, Texas -- the result of a group adoption involving seven children, six of whom being siblings.

The children range from ages two to 11 years old.

Adoption Specialist Vickie Schular said an adoption ceremony so large is rare.

"It's very difficult to get a large sibling group adopted," Schular said. "Not everyone has the room in their heart or the room in their home."

That wasn't the case for Armando Cantu and Naomi Rodriguez.

"I love children and I just have that heart if I can help any child," Rodriguez said. "If my home was bigger I'd probably bring in more kids."

Rodriguez already has three biological children, and Cantu has one. Both of their kids are close to the age of 30, and they have 10 grandchildren.

"So you can just imagine at Christmas time the house is full of gifts," Rodriguez said. "The house is full of kids."

The couple had been fostering the set of kids for two years, so when the opportunity arose to adopt the children it just made sense.

If you are interested in adopting, the Department of Familiy and Protective Services are hosting an informational meeting at 11 a.m. Monday, June 10, in Corpus Christi.