AUSTIN, Texas — Some sick kids got some unconditional love this Valentine's Day.

Volunteers from Divine Canines and Service Dogs Inc. brought therapy and service dogs to visit the kids at St. David's and Dell Children's hospitals.

Both organizations said they wanted to make the kids' stay a little easier.

"It gives them a minute to remember that they're still a kid, that this is still a holiday, that they're more than their sickness, that they can still have fun and enjoy a few minutes in the hospital with some puppy dogs," Jennie Martin, a Divine Canines volunteer, said.

"Being able to celebrate this holiday in the same way you would at home or at school means a lot to a child who's not feeling so well," Sheri Soltes, the CEO of Service Dogs Inc., said.

Aside from sharing the love, many of the animals delivered gift baskets and Valentine's Day cards.