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San Marcos community paints tiles to form larger mural showing unity even through COVID-19

With COVID-19 causing neighbors to be apart, the Allen Woods community in San Marcos decided to show how they stand together through a mural.

SAN MARCOS, Texas — It can be hard for us to come together as one, but for a community in San Marcos, they took part in an art project that allowed them to show unity while staying apart.

In the Allen Woods community, there aren't many strangers. They know their neighbors and have unity that even COVID-19 hasn't been able to take away.

"We're hoping to let people know that we're here and there's still hope in our community," said Maria Calcaben, the senior service coordinator for the San Marcos Housing Authority.

She said that the community is full of diversity.

"So we do have elderly disabled, we have families, as well as individuals," she said. "The commonality is everyone here is low income."

Which is why Maria wanted to help the people here show their unity.

"So this was a way for us to engage in our community while still being able to socially distance," she said standing behind the newly painted mural.

The mural is made out of 40 tiles each painted by someone who lives in the neighborhood. Each has its own photo until they're put together to form one picture.


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"So, in a way, they're still able to be together but not be together," said Ashley Schwandt. "Everyone wants to help each other."

Everyone is working together to show unity.

"It makes it feel everyone is connected in a way," said Ana Reyna

"Each individual picture is different. It's all a piece of them and it makes at the end a little heart," added Jason Dominguez

"This was brought to our doors and each one of us did something. You can tell we're very talented here," said Carolyn Miranda

Different parts, all coming together as one. Showing we can be apart but still be united.

"It shows everyone is connected either way," added Reyna

The mural is outside the PODER Learning center in the low-income community for everyone to pass by and look at.

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