ROUND ROCK, Texas — The coronavirus pandemic has led to school closures across the state of Texas. With all the kids at home, some teachers are really missing their students – and a group of Round Rock ISD teachers wanted to let them know.

Teachers at Laurel Mountain Elementary School in Round Rock made a video for their students, letting them know they miss them and reminding them to stay active and keep reading.

The teachers planned to do a parade, driving their cars past students' homes and waving – but the district asked them not to. So, instead, they made a digital greeting.

Janelle Neely, the teacher who put the project together, said it's meant to help everyone feel a little better in these uncertain times.

"It's hard on everybody. It's hard on the parents, it's hard on the kids, it's hard on us. This isn't the way we wanted our school year to come to an end, but hopefully, we'll see them at some point before the end of the school year," Neely said.

The teachers are going to use online learning to work with their students and they're hoping to stay connected for however long this current situation lasts.

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