ST. LOUIS — When a soon-to-be second grader learned that a friend in her family's Bible study, she did more than offer prayers — Lucy took action and opened her own business to help.

On the corner of White Horse Court in St Charles, they are doing business. Lucy says business is good, and it’s a family run shop, co-run with her brothers Ryan and Jake. Lucy added, "It's good because it has sugar."

The profit from their labor isn't for them though. They’re raising money for Debbie who’s going through a tough time. Lucy's grandmother said, "She's in stage four breast cancer and she's really suffering."

The idea for the lemonade stand came from 7-year-old Lucy.

"Lucy decided that she wanted to sell lemonade to donate to Debbie's wig." Grandma isn’t really surprised by Lucy’s generosity. She’s seen her granddaughter show compassion throughout her young life. "We've seen it as part of who she is since she was old enough to talk and engage with people."

It is that spirit that has driven Lucy to endure the heat and the boredom that comes when business gets slow. "Keep waiting and waiting," says Lucy. But the smile and the greeting are there with every pour.

"What is the pitch you guys give to get people to come over," Lucy's nanny said. "Oh, whatever flies out of a 5-year-old's mouth."

Lucy is a little entrepreneur with a heart.

"Has a faith bigger than anyone I know," said the nanny.

The drink just as sweet as the little girl serving it up. One customer thinks she’s heaven sent.

"You have angel wings."

Lucy’s grandmother believes she is here to serve a purpose greater than just quenching the thirst of others.

"She's going to do big things in her life. She's something esle, she's a sweet little thing."

Lucy's grandmother says the lemonade stand raised enough money to buy Debbie a nice wig.