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Getting organized while you're stuck at home? Here are some tips

KVUE's Brittany Flowers chatted with a professional organizer to find out how to tackle all the clutter.

AUSTIN, Texas — We're all home a lot more than we used to be – and if you're wanting to do a little organizing with your at-home time, we have some tips!

KVUE spoke to Sara Fritsch, a professional organizer and the owner of Moxie Space, to get her advice.

She said first, be realistic about what you can get done. You might not even know what that is until you get started.

Second, set a timer. Fritsch said this is the biggest tip she can give. It helps keep you moving, and it also helps you get started in the first place. You have a higher chance of actually starting if you know that it's going to end.

Next, add your organizing to your calendar like you would any appointment. Also, start small with a corner or a drawer.

"One whole room might be the end goal, but organizing a whole room in one day is usually not going to happen," Fritsch said.

The key is to have a home for everything. Fritsch said, "That's the whole thing. It's being able to put it back into the home. If the item doesn't have a home, that's when it starts bouncing around from counter to counter and becoming what we call clutter."


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When it comes to getting rid of things, get realistic about why you're keeping it. Ask questions like, "When's the last time I used this?" After you answer the real questions, look at the emotional aspect. 

Fritsch said, "I think that sometimes we save things because there are memories attached to it, and we feel like it helps make us who we are. That might be true, but keeping it or not keeping it does not change who you are to the core."

If you feel like you could use some help, Moxie Space is offering virtual professional organizing for a discount, $35 per room. The virtual organizing is done through FaceTime or Skype and includes step-by-step guidance for helping you declutter.

The prices for their other professional organizing services can be found here.

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