A purple heart veteran got a free home makeover after a non-profit group and several Central Texas businesses learned the family had some major water damage.

It was last week when army vet, Chas Jaquier, reached out for help when his AC unit broke down after a leak.

"The floor was completely saturated with water and when we pulled it up there was black mold underneath everything,” Jaquier said.

It created a potentially dangerous, expensive situation. That’s why a national veteran's non-profit group answered the call.

The organization, Guardian Overwatch, was formed last year by Brandon Kohtalidis; they are comprised of active duty military and veterans.

"They help the nation constantly so it’s our time to pay back what they paid for us,” Kohtalidis said.

Several traveled from Fort Hood even outside of Texas.

"[Kohtalidis] Walked in, a couple days notice, put in leave and drove out from Virginia to come here. That's amazing,” Jaquier said.

The group’s mission is to provide immediate assistance to their fellow brothers and sisters.

After partnering up with local businesses, such as ReBath and Home Depot, the non-profit is able to provide much more than what the family anticipated.

“They're doing other bedrooms in the house that we just couldn't afford to fix,” Jaquier’s wife Sasha Aghili said. "It's literally a disaster turned into a gift.”

Guardian Overwatch believes it’s planting a seed of kindness, helping to pay it forward.

"Once you help someone out and they see the benefits that they received from others, and maybe they can take that and pass it on to someone else,” Kohtalidis said.

The organization offers services through donations. If you would like to volunteer, donate or need assistance click here.