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Four children in Brazos County find their new forever families during National Adoption Month

"We all know to be involved with CPS, something traumatic had to have taken place," said local adoption supervisor

BRYAN, Texas — Even though we’re still stuck in a pandemic, there are still big things to commemorate. Brazos County is celebrating the adoption of four children during National Adoption Month. 

“It feels so wonderful. We all know to be involved with CPS, something traumatic had to have taken place so to be here and having a happy ending where we are celebrating. Everybody’s with smiles and blowing horns and balloons, it’s such a wonderful occasion," said Adoption Supervisor Tiffany Stewart. 

 In the last year, 34 children were adopted in the Brazos County. 

Today, Andries Nance went home with his forever family. 

“I’m getting adopted today! My experience is of them taking care of me and me doing good. I've been with them for over three years," said Andries.

His adoption process took more than two and a half years. He first met Mr. and Mrs. Nance in April of 2018.  

“We took him into our house and CPS helped us lay the groundwork for adoption and we got a little interrupted there, so we had to go through foster care and ended up now adopting," said Jerry Nance. 

The Nance family encourages you to look into the fostering and adoption process to save a child’s life. 

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“This is a Claritin call as you would call it, community that if you do have the desire to be a licensed foster or adopt home, please look into , look into the research so you can become licensed so that you can take in one of these kids that are waiting on their forever families," said Stewart.

You do have to be licensed to be a foster-to-adopt parent. Once you are licensed, CPS foster and adoption workers will work with you on the next step of the process.

At the end of September 2020, 13 children in the Brazos County were still waiting to be adopted. 

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