This is the closure you’ve been longing for. Every Hooters restaurant in the United States is running a unique promotion this Valentine’s Day where you can shred a picture of your ex for 10 free wings.

You can also receive your coupon online if you complete the quiz. It will ask you how long you were together, how the breakup occurred, and how long it’s been since the breakup.

This ex-couple had a funny exchange on Twitter:

There are a lot of hearts to be mended, and Hooters can’t afford to give money away, so the promotion calls for you to buy 10 wings before receiving your 10 for free.

And according to Hooters’ official Twitter account, feel free to shred all of your ex-lovers, but the promotion caps off at 10 wings.

Jacksonville has three Hooters locations at The Landing, Southside Blvd., and San Jose Blvd.