People are lining up for hours to get a taste of this Central Texas BBQ but it's probably not at the restaurant you're expecting.

Wednesday night, hundreds of people lined up outside The Growler Bar in Pflugerville to get a taste of John Brotherton's locally famous BBQ.

"I heard up to two and a half hours some people were waiting,” said Growler Bar owner Jason Kemp.

"It was crazy to look out there and see that line and then it just didn't, it didn't stop,” said Brotherton.

Brotherton hasn't always been a baron of the brisket, however.

"I decided to go back to the corporate world and every day I hated my life,” he explains. It was a post on a local Facebook page that would turn his hobby into a career.

“It’s called ‘Pflugerville foodies’, and I don't know how it happened but I made a brisket for somebody on there and from there it just, it blew up,” said Brotherton.

That following would only become more evident when Brotherton met with Growler Bar Owner Jason Kemp and they decided to join forces for one night only.

The pop-up event was so popular that Brotherton and Kemp are already planning another one on August 26th.

It's important to Brotherton to keep his BBQ local. Pflugerville has been home for the past 15 years.

"There's enough good BBQ in Austin, ya know?” said Brotherton.

There's no real secret ingredient, he says. Just “salt, pepper, a little bit of garlic powder for me and burning all wood."

Brotherton also hopes to continue to do pop-up events until he can operate his food trailer full-time and potentially open up a permanent restaurant in Pflugerville.