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Eat your heart out at Churro Co. in Austin

This Austin food truck offers us a sweet Latin American treat.

AUSTIN, Texas — It sure is funny the things you remember as a kid. Leo Mendoza has fond memories of Mexico. 

"I was born in El Paso but I grew up in Juarez. There's this bakery that we used to go to every day," said Mendoza. "My dad always picked up different kinds of pastries but we always got churros. That was like the deal. The churro machine was right in front of that window and the fryer it looked like a pool of oil."

Fast forward to now and you'll find him in Austin at the Churro Co. off of South First Street. It's a food truck he started up with his childhood friend in 2014.

One tasty concoction is called the Campfire. It is their s'mores version of a churro.

"We top it with some chocolate sauce, we put some ice cream on top, we put some whipped cream and then we toast up the marshmallow," added Mendoza.

RAW: Making churro treats topped with ice cream at Churro Co.

For those who aren't familiar, a churro is a fried pastry coated in cinnamon and sugar. It originated in Spain, but it became a popular Latin American dessert.

"I like to tell people it's almost like a donut, but it's straight," Mendoza joked.

Mendoza makes his churros with a bit of a curve.

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"We are gonna pass it through the machine, we are gonna get our shape and then we are gonna put it through the fryer for about five to six minutes to let that cook," he explained.

After years of planning and taste testing, Mendoza finally pinned down the perfect churro recipe. Another menu item is called "Texas Comfort."

It has a salted caramel drizzle on the top with cooked apples and ice cream with whip cream.

PHOTOS: Churro Co. serving sweet treats in Austin

And if you want a little kick in the pants to get your morning started, how about the Wake-n-Bake?

It's two churros with rum pecan sauce and espresso whipped cream. 

"Then we add a few frozen banana slices topped off with some waffle cookie crumbs," said Mendoza.


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No matter the toppings, every menu item is a home run.

"We like to have the traditional ones, some playful ones and regardless of what you order – you'll always get a little piece of Mexico," Mendoza said.

Aside from traditional churros, the Churro Co. also sells coke floats. They're located off South First Street and open Thursday through Sunday.

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