AUSTIN — Craft breweries are growing across Texas.

Employees work tirelessly every day to produce keg after keg of craft beer.

But, behind these giant fermentation tanks lies community, smiles, and togetherness.

"Beer means friendship. Um, beer means community," said Sarah Shultz, one of the bar managers at Austin Beerworks.

There goes the saying: "it's 5 o'clock somewhere."

Whether you're getting off work and grabbing a drink, or just trying to relax, craft breweries like Austin Beerworks have brought people together for years - inside and outside.

"Beers [are] a good time. It's a way to take the edge off, it's how to recharge," said James Behnke, an Austin resident.

"Uh, I love beer. I have people over at my house all the time it brings people together," said Joseph Bone, an Austin resident.

And this industry is growing fast.

According to, Texas has the ninth most craft breweries in the country. What's even more staggering is the state's growth. In 2011, there were just 51 craft breweries in the entire state. In 2018, that number has jumped to 251.

"It has exploded, which is really exciting for all of us," said Shultz.

The industry in Texas has grown to hold a $4.5 million economic impact.

"Something we're really proud of here is that we're a self-distributing company. So we get to hire on a lot of employees and create a lot of jobs by being the person that touches the beer the second its created to the second you're drinking it," said Shultz

More breweries, more jobs, more good times... something we can all toast to.