AUSTIN, Texas — It's love at first bite that will have your mouth watering in no time.

Everyone knows dessert is the best course of any meal and thankfully, Austinites seem to have a variety of places to sink their teeth into after a good meal.

Who else is guilty of telling your mom, "I'm full, but my dessert stomach isn't"? 

I know how important it is to always make sure your "dessert stomach" never goes hungry, so I made a list of some of the best Austin places to visit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Best dessert places in Austin:

Gordough's Donuts

Pile on the toppings at Gordough's Donuts where the possibilities are endless. Whether you're into something extra sweet, a little spicy or somewhat salty, you can find a dessert that suits you. 

GiGi's Cupcakes

If you don't know who Michael Griffin and Brian Orakpo are, have you been living under a rock?

The former Texas football players are tackling every sweet tooth they can get their hands on by serving a variety of delicious cupcakes. Griffin and Orakpo kicked off their business called GiGi's Cupcakes in Bee Cave and their sweets do not disappoint. The two have also been featured on a Microsoft commercial and GMA Day.

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Cow Tipping Creamery

Cow Tipping Creamery puts a unique twist on soft serve ice cream, allowing customers to customize their dream frozen treat. Take your pick in a cup or cone and fill it with one of their various ice cream flavors. Last, but certainly not least, decide on toppings and sauces to top off your ice cream.

Tiff's Treats

It's an Austin treat that has an even sweeter love story. Tiffany and Leon Chen, who started their business by delivering cookies at the University of Texas, are the bakers behind Tiff's Treats. The Austin-based chain offers some of the best cookies you will ever eat. Mark my words!

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Elizabeth Street Cafe

Elizabeth Street Cafe serves baked goods made from scratch including baguettes, croissants, macarons, cream puffs, caneles, éclairs and more. If your taste buds are craving a treat that's a little more unique, head on over to Elizabeth's.

Round Rock Donuts

OK, aside from the fact that their classic donuts are Texas fans' favorite color, they taste even better than they look! Round Rock donuts are unlike any other. The company has been around since 1926 and have had plenty of time to craft the perfect recipe. They also serve a variety of pastries, kolaches and cakes.

Sugar Mama's

Sugar Mama's mission is to serve the freshest and most delicious baked goods around town and has been keeping Austin sweet since 2008. Some of the baked treats, which are made from scratch, include macarons, cupcakes, cookies, cakes and pies.

Manolis Ice Cream, Pastries & Cakes

As you can probably tell by the name, Manolis has it all. From ice cream pops made with real fruit to Italian ice and pastries, your appetite will surely be satisfied. Baked treats + ice cream = the perfect combo.

Joe's Bakery

Mexican bakeries have some of the most delightful sweets including conchas, sandias and maranitos and Joe's Bakery is no exception. Grab a sweet treat here after ordering off their lunch menu to fill you up.

Prohibition Creamery

This creamery combines our two favorite indulgences: alcohol and ice cream. The home page of Prohibition Creamery's website reads, "Welcome to our creamery, where a little booze won't hurt" and if that doesn't sound like heaven, then I don't know what will. To take a look at the variety of sundaes, boozy flavors and drinks Prohibition Creamery offers, click here.

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