AUSTIN — Selena fans who likely believed they chose the safer route to secure a coveted "Siempre Selena" H-E-B bag by staying home and ordering the tote online are now running into issues on the grocery store's website.

"Woke up early and heb (sic) online is not working!!! Seriously!!!!!!" said Twitter user Maggie Sutton.

The $2 bags went on sale online at midnight on the website and were available to purchase in stores at 6 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 6. But online users have said it's been a struggle to purchase one.

"I've tried to order the Selena bag four times now. Guess it's sold out," said Twitter user Eline de Bruijn.

While the bags aren't sold out online yet, the Selena H-E-B website is working on resolving payment problems, according to H-E-B. The Texas grocery store chain has been responding to confused and angry customers since midnight Thursday.

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"Total Joke!!!! Tried five times since midnight and each time I got this message !!! @HEB How many times do I need to put my credit card info!!!" said Twitter user Marina.

Currently, H-E-B said PayPal is the only payment the website is accepting.

H-E-B said they are working with PayPal to make sure other forms of payment are pushed through too.

This isn't the first time H-E-B has put a Selena bag on the market. In March, limited-edition Selena bags were flying off the shelves as fans went loco over the late Cumbia queen's merchandise. The H-E-B website also crashed at that time as fans attempted to purchase the bags.

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