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How to marble using nail polish

Here's how you can add a marble-like finish to your arts and crafts.

AUSTIN, Texas — Being a parent is always tough. Right now it seems extra stressful. The kids are home and might be a little bored. It can be hard to entertain them. 

Here is one way to keep their creative mind flowing, and get some cool decorations too. Younger kids will probably need help with this craft, but adults and older kids can do it on their own. 

We want to let you know right away that this craft is messy! We were able to use nail polish remover to clean up our hands afterward. 

You can use this method to decorate a number of things. We decorated a bowl, a small wooden box, a vase and a compressed cardboard unicorn. We've also used this method to decorate pumpkins for Halloween. 

We found all of these materials at the dollar store. 

Credit: Brittany Flowers

Here's what you need:

  • Bucket or bowl 
  • Water
  • Nail polish
  • Something to decorate 

Step 1

Fill your bucket or bowl with water almost to the top. You want enough water to submerge your item, but not too much that your water will spill out of the bucket when you dip your item in.

Step 2

Pick and pour your nail polish. We decorated with anywhere from three to seven colors. Drizzle your nail polish into the water around the water rather than in one spot. 

Step 3

Carefully dip your item into the nail polish. You'll see the nail polish wrap over your item. 

Step 4

Let it dry and clean the nail polish off your hands.


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