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You're a divorced parent whose ex is violating the 'stay home' orders. What can you do?

An Austin family law attorney told KVUE he's had cases where one parent is violating the stay-at-home order and putting their kid at risk.

AUSTIN, Texas — The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time for everyone, but it's posed unique challenges for divorced families.

Jimmy Evans, family law attorney at Evans Family Law Group, said he has had some cases where one parent is violating the Austin-Travis County stay-at-home order and putting the kids at risk.

But he said there isn't a lot the other parent can do in cases like these because judges are currently only taking urgent cases.

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"If it truly is an urgent issue or concern, [the thing to do] would be to seek an emergency order such as a temporary restraining order to temporarily suspend that other parent's visitation until they agree. Or you can get an order in place or an agreement where they'll agree to comply by the quarantine rules or social distancing rules," Evans said.

Evans said the judges make these decisions on a case-by-case basis. He said if you're dealing with an issue like this, you should get in touch with your family attorney.

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