With South By Southwest Interactive and Film kicking off Friday, thousands are trickling into Austin. Some through Austin's airports, more on the roads.

With an extra 200,000 people downtown each day during SXSW, cabs, Uber, Lyft and Capital Metro are ramping up to keep people moving.

"To get ready, we're getting a lot of space opened up, so that we can have a lot of visitors," said Doug Bane, co-founder of tech start-up EyeQ. He hired movers to make room for a crowd in their store during South by Southwest. They're also getting ready for a crowd in the streets.

"I think some people are going to Uber in and or valet in and or Car2Go in," Bane said.

They're not alone in preparations, ridesharing drivers for Uber and Lyft are getting ready for a boom in bucks.

"I looked at my records from last year and yeah, I made the most money in March of last year during South by Southwest," said Uber and Lyft driver Anthony Ngyuen.

Lyft told KVUE the app has a few promotions during SXSW like offering codes for free late night rides and offering signing bonuses for drivers. Austin Cab Company is ramping up by putting more drivers on the streets working longer shifts. Yellow Cab owner Ed Kargbo said it'll be all hands on deck with 514 taxis hitting the streets.

If it's public transportation you're looking for, Capital Metro adjusted schedules to let drivers ride instead.

Metro Rail will run at the same frequency, but until about 2:30 a.m. some days. Normally four trains run from Leander to downtown, but if a lot of people ride, Cap Metro might add a fifth train.

The same number of MetroRapid buses will circulate, but they'll run later until 2:30 a.m. on the weekends.

Uber and Lyft drivers and riders will only be able to pick up and drop off at certain locations downtown.

They'll all be marked by a sign that says "5 minute drop off pick up only."

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