If you were at the grocery store, mall, or gas station, and saw someone having a heart attack would you know what to do? Emergency officials in Williamson County want to make sure you do.

Loddie Alspach had a heart attack while riding his bike.

"You start stop think about it, is this what it's really like, is this going to be the end?” asked Alspach.

A few quick thinking strangers jumped in to help until emergency crews could arrive. He said he has a newfound purpose in life: to help others learn the critical skills needed to save a life.

Alspach works at Formaspace, and the company teamed up with Williamson County EMS to teach fellow employees CPR as part of the Take 10 CPR program.

"We've got 50 employees there are a lot of opportunities for things to happen,” said Alspach.

The goal of the Take 10 program is to train citizens how to do CPR in their everyday life. So if you see someone in need, maybe while you're out shopping, you can step in and help.

CEO Jeff Turk said it was a no brainer.

"This is an opportunity for us to take 10 minutes out of our life and maybe help save somebody's life,” said Turk.

The training says there are three important things to remember when doing CPR : Check, call, and compress.

"It's only because bystanders who were good Samaritans that Loddie's life was able to be saved. And so I wanted to empower everybody that I work with to be able to do the same thing in the future,” said Turk.

“It was just something important to all of us after what happened to me,” said Alspach.

Dan Cohen, Williamson County EMS Captain of Clinical Practices said bystanders play a critical role in saving someone's life.

"The rate of survival drops dramatically for each minute that goes by where there's someone not doing chest compressions,” said Cohen.

If you want to host or find a class, you can check out the websites for Williamson County EMS and Travis County EMS.

How to perform hands only CPR: