AUSTIN, Texas — A bedroom may look and feel clean, but chances are, underneath the surface it's actually pretty dirty.

Let's start with the sheets. They are cesspools. 

Every day people produce sweat, dead skin, ear wax, snot, drool ... let's not go on. Bottom line is we have a lot of things our body likes to get rid of that we often cuddle with when laying on our sheets! 

A number of different studies said that we don't wash them enough and an alarming amount go more than a month without doing it at all.

Experts said it's best to wash your sheets at least once every two weeks.

Pillows and pillowcases 

Same thing here, they are pretty dirty.

But, pillowcases need to be washed once a week. Our face does a lot of things when we sleep. Let's not go over that list again, but to reiterate it produces a lot of germs. suggests you wash the actual pillow every six months, then replace the entire thing every one to two years.


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And for towels, even though we use them when we are technically clean, experts said to still wash those things about every three uses. It turns out we still have a lot of bacteria on ourselves even after taking a shower.

You can also cut down bacteria growth between washes by draping it on a rod and not folding it. 

For all of these items, washing them in warm water is best so you can kill those germs.

Here's the takeaway: humans are busy shedding what they don't need anymore.

Unfortunately, that's absorbed into a lot of everyday items. So, just wash everything as best you can.

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