Punxsutawney Phil is predicting another six weeks of winter, but Bee Cave Bob doesn't agree.

Our very own Armadillo predicted the forecast on this Groundhog Day, Southern Style.

"[Bee Cave Bob]'s the Texas State small mammal, and he spends a lot time on the road, drinking lots of Lone Star beer, and he just proved to be a good weather forecaster,” said Rusty Busby, "Weatherologist" Professor Almanac the Second.

Before the big reveal at the eighth annual event, more than 100 people came out for food, drinks and dancing. Instead of top hats, they opted for cowboy hats.

"Enjoying all of the traditions of Texas, and the culture of Texas, we love the fact that we have an armadillo to tell us whether we're going to have rest of Spring or not,” said Barbara.

If the armadillo turns right, spring is supposedly on the way, if he goes left, then more winter. However, once Bee Cave Bob made an entrance, he turned right, then left and right again, so the local “Weatherologist” made the final call.

"Based on his performance, we're ready for some Spring, so go home and start up your John Deeres and get to planting!" he announced.

So forget what Phil said... according to Bob, Spring is just around the corner!