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Missing Austin dog with catheter in his paw reunites with his family after being found safe

Pimpon was found safe all thanks to the nonprofit TRAPRS.

AUSTIN, Texas — An Austin dog that went missing is now back home safe with his family. 

The 5-year-old dachshund named Pimpon escaped from a veterinary handler at Austin Vet Care at Central Park on March 31. According to the vet, a loud noise due to construction scared him and his handler and he ran away.

Pimpon was found safe all thanks to the nonprofit TRAPRS, which stands for Trapping, Rescue and Pet Recovery Service. The purpose of the local nonprofit is to find lost pets and humanely capture stay animals.

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A TRAPRS team had been working on Pimpon's case and successfully found him on April 9.

The nonprofit said Pimpon was reunited with his family who was extremely happy to have him back home.


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Pimpon was reportedly wearing a collar with an ID, along with a leash and a catheter in his front right paw when he went missing.

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