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Adoption Day at Bastrop County: Families celebrate as they become whole

November is National Adoption Month, and several families grew in size on Tuesday.

BASTROP COUNTY, Texas — Two-and-a-half-year-old Coby is a little bundle of energy. He was one of six children waiting to be adopted at the Bastrop County Courthouse Annex on Tuesday.

For Michael Hancock, it didn't take long to get attached to his little guy. 

"We just fell in love and didn't want to give him up, just wanted him to stay – just felt like he was a part of us," Hancock said as he awaited the adoption ceremony.

Hancock and his wife, Megan, already have four children. They're also fostering a toddler named Faith. Their house is full of activity. Megan described it as "organized chaos."

But the Hancocks said they wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's always chaotic but a lot of fun and a lot of happy times," said Michael Hancock.

Adopting Coby is only a formality for the Hancocks, but the journey wasn't always full of joy.

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"These cases are hard, how they get here – they're difficult," said County Court at Law Judge Benton Eskew.

Before the adoption process begins, Judge Eskew talks about the pain and heartache the children have gone through.

"They're neglected or they're abused, and those are our hardest days; those are our worst days," said Judge Eskew.

But this is a good day. Judge Eskew said this is what the end looks like. It's Adoption Day.

The lawyer goes through the formality of questions. After the attorney asks Megan Hancock if she is sure she would love Coby and take care of him and if she is sure she wants to adopt him, the attorney asks the same of Michael Hancock.

She then asks all the loved ones this question: "Are you all here in love and support for this today?"

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It's a question to which most of the courtroom erupts with a yes and clapping.

Then it's time to make it official with the pounding of the gavel. With the help of Judge Eskew, Coby pounds the wooden gavel and makes the adoption official.

From tears to smiles, the entire Hancock clan is now officially a family with the same name.


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