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At this haunted North Texas house, the ghosts will 'freak' you all night long

The ghosts at this supposedly haunted house in Gainesville reportedly like to talk dirty. They're "sexual," the owner says. "There’s no other way to put it."

GAINESVILLE, Texas — No one would confuse a small house on Denton Street in Gainesville for a moving company. But if you do move in, you haul yourself right back out -- and quick.

“It’s like a revolving door,” said Linda Hill, the home’s owner. “The longest anyone stayed in this house was six months.”

Years ago, Hill and her husband bought several homes in the same neighborhood in order to rent them out. The one on Denton Street was the only one that couldn’t keep a stable tenant.

Hill said she and her husband had no idea why. Then, finally, after 10 tenants moved out in less than two years, someone told her husband the house was haunted.

At first, Hill didn’t believe it.

“No,” she said. “No. Not at all.”

That changed when she happened to take a shower on the property. Through the curtain, she saw then heard a dark figure whisper "Lookin' good!" at her. At first, she assumed it was her husband -- until a few seconds later, when her husband walked in the bathroom.

"He said, 'Who were you talking to?'" Hill recalled. "And it was like, 'Oh my God, it really is haunted.'"

Rumor has it, the house, built in the 1840s, used to be a bordello. That’s why Hill said many of the ghosts here tend to reveal themselves in a particular nature.

“Sexual,” she said. “There’s no other way to put it.”

Hill said several people have recorded EVPs -- electronic voice phenomenon -- where the ghosts can be heard talking dirty in the house.

"'Oh baby, oh baby, yeah,'" Hill said, mimicking what has been heard. "'Yeah, I like it like that.'"

Not all the ghosts here are that way, though. There’s a door in the upstairs bathroom that regularly opens, even after it’s been shut tight.

Oh, and there's also a 19-foot-well underneath the living room. Some people believe it’s a spiritual portal, which they have said may explain how so many different ghosts and spirits have ended up in the house -- and particularly in the room right next door to that well.

"The murder room," Hill said that room is called. 

Why that name? Because some psychics claim to have seen a dead man lying on the floor of that room.

No, really: “Almost every psychic that walks in here,” Hill said.

For those reasons, and many more, Hill eventually gave up on finding tenants to lease her property. 

Now, she rents the house out exclusively to people who want to investigate the ghosts that reportedly live there.

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