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Take an inside look at Houston's first legal whiskey distillery

Tucked away off of Post Oak Road is the space city's first legal distillery – Yellow Rose Whiskey.

HOUSTON — Houston has a lot to offer for foodies, and beer lovers, but it's a popular spot for other spirits too.

Houston definitely isn't the first place that comes to mind when you think of whiskey, but tucked away off of Post Oak Road is the space city's first legal distillery – Yellow Rose Whiskey. 

"There 's biology, there's chemistry, there's physics involved," said head mixologist Houston Farris. "It all starts right here with some Texas grown yellow corn"

"Every step of the way, human hands are touching it – we don't have any automation, no computer systems making decisions for us," he said. 

You'll see the process is very sensory, very hands on – something they say makes them stand out.

"The main goal is to constantly put out products we're proud of," he said. 

They double distill -  then do a bit of quality control

"We smell and taste it – right now it's coming off at about 157 proof. It's about time to take the cut – if you want to smell that..."

Once they make the cut – they add water and it's time to get it barreled up.

"We age different than anywhere else in the world cuz of our climate – almost always hot and almost always humid and that causes it to interact with the wood in a very unique way."

The Houston way. 

"Each of these different barrels could be a part of our blended whiskey, our rye whiskey, be apart of  special products." 

They even bottle their labors of love in house.

"It's labor intensive, but in order to get those slight imperfections to really emphasis the hand crafted nature" 

From there, you can pick up a bottle from your local liquor store or you can come down here and take one of their tours, then have a drink.