Some of the biggest stars in cinema and television came together Thursday night for an unforgettable experience.

It's International Women's Day, so KVUE asked some of the stars on the red carpet about what the day means to them, including actress Regina Hall and Austin Film Society CEO Rebecca Campbell.

"It's amazing the fact that we are doing a movie and they're are so many women and young girls and it's really about the support system and the family that exist in that world," Hall said.

You may recognize Hall from the "Scary Movie" series and her latest film project, Girls Trip.

For the Austin Film Society CEO, she said times have changed compared to what older generations of women went through.

"When I think about the difference between the experience my mother had and that I'm having and the younger women who I work with, I am so glad to see that progress is being made," said Campbell.

It was a monumental night for those involved in cinema and television.

KVUE also had the chance to speak with Richard Linklater, the founder of Austin Film Society, who said the Texas Film Awards will be bigger and better in 2019.