Age really is nothing but a number.

86-year-old Ralph Erchinger and 78-year-old David Scott lift weights every week at Buckner Villas Senior Living Community. But it’s not the amount of weight that matters, it's the consistency that counts.

"I don't necessarily love the process but I like the results," Erchinger said.

Erchinger has lifted over three million pounds in the past year and has clocked 1,224 miles on the treadmill and bike. It’s the same distance as walking from Austin to San Diego.

"The earlier you start exercising the better,” Erchinger said.Scott began lifting a few years ago.

"As of yesterday, I have lifted 7.5 million pounds,” Scott said. "It makes me feel better, for one thing, I like that."

Scott also has biked 2,789 miles. Buckner Villas Wellness Coordinator Holly Jones feels with age comes more responsibility to stay active.

"Your joints get some lubrication when they move, muscle strengthening, the only way to maintain your muscle strength is to use those muscles,” Jones said.

Scott says biking six miles per visit isn't bad.

"My legs are stronger than what they were,” Scott said.

They say no matter how old you are it's never too late to start working out and make a change in your life.