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All aboard the Leander Trail of Trains

Leander's trains are a way for the city to highlight its heritage and art in the community.

LEANDER, Texas — A unique and beautiful way that the City of Leander celebrates the heritage of its community is through the Leander Trail of Trains.

The trail is an idea the city's Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center went full steam ahead with five years ago. 

No matter where you're chugging along in Leander – a local business, Devine Lake Park, the Whataburger on Metro Drive – you can find custom-made trains.

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"We've got longhorns, bluebonnets, wildflowers. We have one with cowboy hats," said Bridget Brandt, president and CEO of the Leander Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center. 

"We wanted to create something that was beautiful for people to look at, but that also was a throwback to our heritage. So what made Leander, Leander. And so, the Trail of Trains was born," Brandt continued.

Credit: Yvonne Nava

In 1855, Leander was originally the town of Bagdad, Texas. 

"When the train came through, the people of Bagdad moved to be closer to the train and Leander was formed," Brandt said.

The town was renamed in honor of Leander Brown, one of the railroad officials responsible for the completion of the line. 

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"We have a bluebonnet train, we have a 'Starry Night' train with the Capitol on it," Brandt said. "They're all a little different, but they all reflect the state of Texas, the feel of Leander and what makes it special."

Every single train is required to be completely different. Appropriately enough, there are coins and dollar bills on the A+ Federal Credit Union train, while the whimsical train at Smooth Hair & Wax Studio features a box of bobby pins and big glittery lips. 

Credit: Yvonne Nava
Photo by KVUE's Yvonne Nava.

There are 14 trains so far, with three more in progress. The chamber's goal is to have a custom train in every corner of the community. 

"It helps create an identity for Leander, but it also reflects art in our community," Brandt said.

Businesses decide if they'd like to be part of the Trail of Trains, then they purchase a train and work with a local artist to create a design that highlights their business. This coming spring, the chamber will unveil a project where if you visit all of the trains, you can get a special prize!

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