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atxGALS gives women artists exposure and a platform to succeed

Created due to a lack of representation of women in the art scene, atxGALS is now Austin's largest collective of women artists.

AUSTIN, Texas — As part of KVUE's celebration of Women’s History Month, we visited atxGALS founder and CEO Mónica Ceniceros at The Cathedral, the safe space she created for artists.

“I very quickly noticed that there wasn’t really enough representation or a platform to help women artists succeed in their art careers,” Ceniceros said.

After a few shows and working with other women artists, Ceniceros was determined to color outside of the lines and create a space centered around women and their art. She did just that.

“atxGALS is Austin’s largest local women artist collective where we focus on giving women artists more exposure through nontraditional art shows and giving them a platform to succeed in their careers,” Ceniceros said.

The organization has grown quickly and enabled its artists to develop newfound confidence.

“The support, the selflessness, all of those things make it easy for me as an artist,” said Umbreen Ahmad, an abstract artist. “That’s just something I’m forever grateful for because I know what it’s like when that kind of support doesn’t exist.”

Since founding The Cathedral and atxGALS, Ceniceros has hosted several art events that have not only brought art to the community but also helped give back to Austin.

“It’s really exciting to see that we’re in that space where people know that they can come in and experience really incredible art but then also get a really unique experience from any of our events,” Ceniceros said.

To learn more about atxGALS and all the exciting events they have coming up, visit their website and check out their Instagram.

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