A town usually known for bluebonnets and burgers is now getting some national attention for something -- or someone else --- Bachelorette contestant Luke Pell.

Burnet is a town of just more than six thousand people and the hometown of Pell.

“Whenever they showed the filming here of the courthouse it just really hit home, that's pretty neat,” said Burnet County Judge James Oakley.

Oakley showed KVUE the bench where Luke and JoJo sat during their hometown visit.

"Jojo missed out, and I’m sitting of course where Jojo sat, we have to designate this something here with the county,” said Oakley.

While Oakley said it's difficult to tell a direct relation to an increase of tourism, city spokeswoman Christa Bromley said they have noticed a boost of hits on city and chamber websites.

"It's always great to have Burnet in the limelight, we're very proud of our community, and we are glad to share with the rest of the country what we already know about burnet which is, it’s a great place to live and a great place to work,” said Bromley.

Sherrye Mcanelly has lived in Burnet for almost 25 years, and works at The Grapevine.

"It's been really fun, you go somewhere and people say oh you're from Burnet is that the boy we keep seeing on Bachelorette,” said Mcanelly.

So if you haven't stopped by, people in Burnet have a message for you.

"Come on down and have a look for yourself,” said Oakley.

The spotlight may not be off Burnet just yet. A lot of people think Luke will be the next Bachelor.

"The whole town's watching, we're team Luke,” said Mcanelly.

She said there's a reason they're fans.

"He is exactly what he seems, just an awesome guy,” said Mcanelly.

Oakley has known the family for years.

"He was academically, and athletically a great student here," said Oakley.

Pell won Mr. Burnet High School and played on the winning varsity football team. He went on to play at West Point and serve in Afghanistan.

Since then, he's been working on his music career.

During his time in Burnet, he played periodically at the amphitheater in the city park, and at the Trailblazer Grille.

Miranda Johnson has been a waitress at the Trailblazer Grille for about six years.

"He always puts on a good show,” said Johnson.

She watched as they filmed on the square, and said it's been a crazy few months.

"It gives us something to talk about at the tables,” said Johnson.

"It was the hot topic of Facebook, how Luke was doing on the show,” said Bromley.

And while JoJo didn't choose him, the town believes Luke has a successful future.

“We're awful proud of Luke and want the best for him,” said Oakley.