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Daybreak All-Stars: Power for Parkinson’s

Susan Stahl and Nina Mosier created Power for Parkinson's to help improve the lives of those with the disease, and in the process have helped create a community.

Around one million Americans live with Parkinson’s, a disease that slowly damages the central nervous system. Susan Stahl and Dr. Nina Mosier, co-founders of “Power for Parkinson’s,” are working to improve the lives of those battling the disease.

Susan’s father passed away from complications with the disease in 2012, and Nina’s father lives in Philadelphia. Even from afar, Nina could tell exercise worked wonders for him.

“He was definitely getting stronger, his gait was better and he seemed like he was in a better mood, his tremor was less I really could see what a difference it made,” Mosier said.

To honor their fathers, Stahl and Mosier started Power for Parkinson’s. The nonprofit offers 11 free classes each week at seven locations in Austin, Lakeway and Round Rock.

The initial goal was to help people physically manage their symptoms, but people in the classes have formed a community of their own.

Susan and Nina are uploading classes on YouTube so people in other communities and countries can participate in the fitness, dance and balance classes, just to name a few.

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