The closest some kids get to actually thinking about a job is setting up a lemonade stand on a hot summer afternoon. But one Austin nonprofit is helping to harness the spirit of entrepreneurship at an early age.

Amber Wakem is a mom and former elementary school teacher. She created Start-Up Kids Club in September of 2017. "We definitely don't give kids enough credit," she said.

Start-Up Kid's Club helps local students build their business so they can become legitimate entrepreneurs. The class is free. Kids ages 5-14 meet once a week for 14 weeks.

"They go into developing their ideas, logo design, finance, creating a website, marketing and branding," said Wakem.

Volunteers and weekly mentors also offer help and advice.

"I get a lot of naysayers early on when they're like 'oh you teaching high school kids? This exists.' And I'm like no. I'm going for elementary; we are laying the foundation; we are getting them young," she added. "They are talking about revenue streams; they are talking about losses and profits and how they get their money," she added.

Throughout the course of the semester, students host two showcases where they launch their business to the public. Not only are kids learning about business, they are learning life skills like problem solving and resiliency.

"We are teaching them that failure isn't permanent and success isn't permanent that you've got to keep working at it."

Hats off to Amber Wakem and Start-Up Kids Club for empowering young minds to be fearless and think big.

"They are not scared and so it makes it a little easier when you are jumping out there and you are like, 'Oh I quit my job here we are, I'm running a non-profit for free.' It makes it easier to say patience... if they can do it, we can," she said.

Market Day is Sunday, March 25 from 1-4 PM at Midway Event Center off Loop 360 (where the old food park used to sit).

To find out more about Start-Up Kid's Club and how to become a volunteer or sponsor, CLICK HERE.