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Daybreak Adventures: Cruising with Your Biker Gang through the streets of Austin

Watch the KVUE Daybreak team cruise through Austin in one of the hottest two-wheel rides around town.

AUSTIN — If you are looking for something fun to do in Austin, hit the brakes and cruise on over to Your Biker Gang off Walsh Street near 5th.

Dressed in our finest leather, the KVUE Daybreak team kicked things up a notch and hit the open road because obviously, we were born to be wild.

Leather vest? Check.

Helmet? Check.

To help us get familiar with their bikes, Road Captain Sean Cope took the handles and kicked the training session into high gear.

"First thing we need to do guys is we gotta mount up. So the names on the bike are going to correspond with the dog tags on your keys," added Cope.

The fat-tired minibikes are all electric. They have lithium-ion batteries in the seats, in the motors and the hub. They run just like bicycles.

But before we could hit the streets for a two-hour ride, there was a mandatory training in the parking lot to make sure everybody was road ready, safe and could use their kickstand properly.

From the get-go, Bryan Mays and Jay Wallis took to it like a couple of pros. They were footloose and fancy-free.

But the ladies practiced a little more caution. These bike rides come with two tour guides.

"A road captain in the front that gives all the directions and makes sure everybody stays safe with cars coming. Then we have a sweeper in the back to make sure everybody stays together," said Cope.

When it was time to ride, everyone rode side by side, looking almost like a car. The minibikes max out at 20 miles per hour and the majority of the tours are on paths.

When traffic got tough, that's when the bicycle signals came in handy. Remember the rule signal with your left hand and always keep your right hand on the throttle.

There were so many sights to take in, and Sean gave the team a little history lesson along the way.

The Daybreak team made new friends but Bryan made sure those friendships were on our terms.

And in the end, it turned out to be a ride of a lifetime.

In case you didn't know, you don't even need a driver license to ride.

You just have to be 16 years or older, and you've got to have some grit as Cope says.

And the ride is so much fun in a group, it’s great to bring friends along.

You only pay per minibike and each minibike rides two! GO HERE for more information.