AUSTIN -- Betty Davis of Austin celebrated her 100th birthday Saturday, and isn't letting her age slow her down.

Davis' birthday is Nov. 25, but her party was held at Z Tejas, complete with birthday wishes from the first family. But when she first received an envelope from the White House, she didn't open it.

"Well my reaction was, I looked at this and 'Uh-oh, they want more money' and I threw it away," she said.

Davis eventually opened the envelope to find birthday wishes from President and Michelle Obama.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett also stopped by the event. Doggett gave her a new bumper sticker to replace the one she got from him 27 years ago. The original sticker is on the car she bought brand new 27 years ago and still owns.

Davis still plays tennis, belongs to a writing group and lives with a roommate, but she doesn't live at a retirement home.

She shared some humorous stories with KVUE, including the origin of the middle name she chose for herself at age 11: Xenophon.

"I don't know, it was in the dictionary. It was a Greek hero or something. It had nothing to do with me," said Davis.

She also shared some serious stories, including one of her regrets in life that involved her oldest son.

"He was just a little tyke and I said him, 'Harvey, you're so cute." And he said, 'I am? I always thought I was ugly.' Doesn't that break your heart?" Davis said.

The mother of eight, grandmother of 11 and great-grandmother of 11 wished she didn't wait so long to tell Harvey how handsome he was. Her advice to parents: Say nice things to children all the time.

"Have a positive relationship in the things you say to them. Not, now you better hurry down and get ready for school or you'll be late. Nothing like that," said Davis.

The former speech therapist has outlived her husband Harvey Sr. and eldest daughter Libby.

Davis also said she is donating her body to science once she passes, which doesn't seem to be anytime soon.

"I think my body may be particularly interesting, don't you think? Don't you think?" she asked.