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A day in the life of Kendra Scott, the CEO of a billion-dollar jewelry empire

Between being a mom to three boys and running her company, designing jewelry isn't the only thing she does.

AUSTIN, Texas — From sun up to sun down, Austin's own Kendra Scott is a busy woman balancing being an entrepreneur, designer and, not to mention, the CEO of a jewelry empire.

After launching her first collection in 2002, the mom of three quickly scaled her business to several stores across the U.S. According to Forbes, Scott's company is valued at a whopping $1 billion.

If you see a woman walking around Downtown Austin, chances are she's wearing a piece of Scott's jewelry.

KVUE sat down with her to see what a day in her life is like, and to no surprise, the jewelry queen of Texas has jam-packed days.

Credit: Courtesy of Kendra Scott
Kendra Scott pictured in front of a design sketch wall at her Austin office. (Photo courtesy of Kendra Scott)

Kendra Scott's Morning Routine

The driven entrepreneur's mornings are usually off to a busy start getting her kids ready for school.

“In the morning I have three sons. I have two in high school and I have one in kindergarten, so it’s a crazy morning getting everyone up and out to school. That’s my No. 1 priority – getting them fed and ready to go.”

Then it’s time for her to get ready. Scott said multi-tasking is key to getting herself out the door.

“Usually I’m doing at least one or two conference calls while I put my makeup if you can believe it with my puppies at my feet,” she said.

After that, it’s time to continue getting dressed while still doing conference calls.

Clocking in at Her Austin Office

Once she makes it to her Austin office, she clocks in and goes straight to work.

“First thing in the morning is I go through my morning brief, which is kind of what the day looks like, what meetings we got, what’s happening and I meet with my executive assistant and we go through what the day is going to look like,” Scott said.

Next on her list is a stop at the design room – her favorite part of her day. 

“I love going in and seeing if any prototypes or samples have arrived or if there are any new stones to play with,” she said.

The jeweler explained her company is always designing because it drops a new collection every month.

Although the designing room is her favorite place to be, Kendra said being CEO means she has other things to operate during the day.

PHOTOS: Inside Kendra Scott’s Austin office

“Everything from logistics to fulfillment to product development and accounting, you name it, I’m stopping into those different departments every day to see how they’re doing,” Scott said.


Designing jewelry isn’t the only thing Scott does in her role as CEO. Philanthropy has been a big part of her company’s mission.

“Philanthropy for us is our purpose,” the jeweler said. “We love to give back to our community. Since I first started this business 18 years ago, we have never turned anybody away.”

Some of the sweet events Scott has participated in the past include making a stop during her day to read to children and even spending time at a local hospital to decorate a treatment room that inspires young patients.

The passionate designer told KVUE the company has given away $30 million to charities in the United States since 2010.

According to the philanthropy page on her website, the company has participated in more than 8,000 fundraising and awareness events, volunteering more than 2,100 hours.

Kendra Scott's Night Routine

Trying to get home to her boys as fast as she can is always the goal for Scott. 

"I never go out to eat lunch. I always eat it in a meeting so I can save the last bit of time at the end of the day to get home to my three boys," Scott explained.

As Scott trades in her CEO job for the night to her role as a mom, it's straight to helping her kids with homework. 

"Usually they're working on homework and I'm doing the best to help them as we prepare dinner," Scott added. "A lot of times they're doing homework in the kitchen and I'm making dinner."

Once her kids are washed up and ready for bed, it's reading time. Scott said she usually tucks in her 5-year-old and reads bedtime stories to him before grabbing one of her own favorite novels.

"I think for me that's the way I kind of shut down at night is I get a good book," Scott explained. "I'm one of those people who needs a real book. I like to feel the paper and pages in my hand. I have an old-school reading light so I don't wake up my husband and that's what really puts me to sleep. I'll read a couple of chapters of a really good book and I'll go to bed."

What kind of novels is the jeweler into? Mysteries are her favorite, the jeweler said.

By 9:30 p.m., the jeweler is usually fast asleep.

"I have to go to bed pretty early since I have to get up pretty early. By 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m., Kendra Scott is asleep," she said laughing.

WATCH: Kendra Scott discusses her success


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