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The dog, not Patrick Stewart, is the real star of first 'Picard' poster

and brb I'm crying.
Credit: Patrick Stewart Instagram

PORTLAND, Ore. — Jean Luc Picard is arguably one of the most iconic captains to come out of the "Star Trek" franchise and he is getting his own solo show.

(Don't come for me; I know Captain Kirk is untouchable in most people's eyes but I was born in the 90's so I will politely die on this hill.)

In case you didn't know, "Star Trek: Picard" is being made for CBS All Access, the network's pay-to-play streaming service (because everyone has one now).

The show will be the eighth series in the "Star Trek" universe if you will, and Patrick Stewart just teased excited fans with the first promotional poster for the show. Surprisingly, he's not the star.

The dog is.

Patrick Stewart and his wife, Sunny Ozell, foster pit bulls and advocate for them. They had a pittie named Ginger who stole the hearts of many in all of Stewart's social media posts.

So it appears the pit bull in the poster is an homage to their love of the breed.

However, as comicbook.com points out, there is a nod to "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on the pup's collar. You can see a Starfleet insignia on the dog's collar and if you zoom in there is indeed a "No. 1" visible. Perhaps harkening back to Picard calling his second in command "Number 1."

If this holds true, the dog is his new No. 1 and brb I'm crying about it.

The first episode of "Star Trek: Picard" is set to air this year.

Destiny Johnson is a digital investigative reporter who also covers comics and all things nerd news. You can follow her on Twitter @hello_destiny where she posts many photos of her own No. 1 pup. She definitely wants to chat with you about nerd stuff and does so on her YouTube channel.