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Texas Sheriff Chody 'puts Seth Meyers in jail' after controversial joke

More than two weeks later, Sheriff Chody clearly still isn’t impressed.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas — Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody has hit back at comedian Seth Meyers after he and two of his writers made a controversial joke.

Earlier this month Meyers joked about the WilCo Sheriff’s cutout deputy, which was implemented this year to deter speeding.

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Meyers said, "A Texas sheriff has placed cardboard cutouts of officers holding radar guns on the side of several roads to deter speeding." The punchline: "...and even one of those managed to shoot a black guy."

But more than two weeks later, Sheriff Chody clearly still isn’t impressed, on Tuesday tweeting a series of photos featuring cardboard cutouts of Meyers around Williamson County.

“See what happens @sethmeyers when you tell a joke that falls flat on the @LateNightSeth reference our #Flatdeputies,” Chody wrote on Twitter. “We put a #flatseth out in the rain and throw you in the slammer. You missed hosting the @Oscars2019Live_ bcuz of it or was it bcuz of bad jokes? #ItsJustAJoke”

The tweet on Tuesday follows Chody’s reaction to the joke earlier in the month, when he tweeted, “Well, the #FlatWolf even got mentioned in a @SNLUpdate skit. Too bad they took the opportunity to use a proactive approach to serve the community and vilify police officers. #IKnowItsAJoke #NotAmused”

Sheriff Chody later tweeted a correction, tagging “Late Night with Seth Meyers” instead of “Saturday Night Live.”

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