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Teacher excited for 'Endgame' builds Iron Man suit and wears it to class

He says if one of his students' tweets to Robert Downey Jr. gets 1,000 retweets he'll exempt them from finals.

NEW CANEY, Texas — On any other day this teacher's name is Greg Cornett.

But on the day of the "Avengers: Endgame" premiere, his name is Iron Man. Yes, even in the classroom.

Mr. Cornett, who works at New Caney High School northeast of Houston, has apparently struck up a deal with his students: get 1,000 retweets on a pic of him, and they don't have to take finals.

Some of his students are tagging Iron Man actor Robert Downey, Jr. in their tweets, hoping to get his attention.

Whether or not that deal about skipping exams will hold up is unknown (will the district even allow that?) - but one thing is clear - the teacher's homemade Marvel suit is pretty cool.

Good job, Mr. Cornett.

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