AUSTIN, Texas — ‘Austin Secrets’ is a live show at The Hideout Theatre where actors use improvisation to explore secrets anonymously submitted by Austinites.

The show is in its eighth season and has seen a wide range of secrets varying from lighthearted humorous secrets to very serious secrets. The cast’s number one goal with the show is that they respect the secrets that they get. 

“We don’t want to diminish the power of a dark secret, but we do want to layer in some sort of light into the scene. It's not comedy necessarily, but just like some glimmer of something that might be hope,” says artistic director Roy Janik.

One of the cast members, Cass Gutierrez, saw the show last year and was inspired to audition. This year she is one of the cast members.

“You can see a secret that you don’t necessarily relate to, but there’s a feeling like grief or anguish, or happiness or, you know, just glee. And when you see that on stage you’re really experiencing that and reliving it with these stories”, said Gutierrez.

You can submit your secrets here or at The Hideout Theatre. You can catch the final show of this season Saturday, April 27. Get your tickets here.

Earlier in the day KVUE asked people to share their secrets. Here are a few:

"When my kids graduate, I want to be single and alone."

"I have five tattoos and my mom does not know about any of them. If she did find out, she would take a Sharpie and draw all over my face."

"I can't stand my new coworker."


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